Down that road again.

23 Aug
Dead End

Image by Barb Henry via Flickr

 Charles Swindoll – ‘More often than not, when something looks like its the absolute end, it is really the beginning.’ 

How many wrong turns and dead ends will it take for you to reach where you ought to be? Aren’t you tired yet? Most of us go through life searching for that one thing that makes us happy. For some its money, for others it maybe love. For some it maybe fame, for some success. Each time you find it, technically speaking, you have reached the end of the road. Right? And you start searching for something else again.. It’s a vicious cycle. You need to break out of it. Now truly answer me this. Why do relationships break or turn into a big hassle? Why do we yearn to have someone in our lives to complete us and when we finally find them we question if that’s what we were looking for in the first place? Why are we never truly happy? Why do we look out of relationships for love? Why do we disregard or take for granted the one in our lives? Why do we sometimes ruin the only good thing in life?

I have pondered on each of these questions. I have for so long prayed to meet the one and live a happy life. I was living that up untill I reached the end of my road with him. I was afraid, this road was not meant to end. It was to unwind into a long and beautiful journey that we were soon going to tread on. After 5 years of walking down this path together how could it be the end? Something was terribly wrong. I turned around and tried looking at the starting point – where it all began. We were two people who were lonely and oblivious to the world in our own way. We started our walk, first slowly and in the presence of God. The road was not easy, it had its share of bends and rocky patches, but we thought we had it all in control. At one point we stood at the crossroads of life. He had to take a different path. We promised we will meet at the other end. At the decided place at a decided time. We promised to be there for each other and we moved on. I walked down the same path and he took the right turn to walk down his. Who knew that we would never meet at the said place. That we would not be standing where we promised to meet. That our paths will never meet again. Our relationship had reached the ‘absolute end’.

My new beginning made me realize what had gone wrong. We kept Him out of the picture. We thanked Him occasionally, knelt and prayed for our love but never truly had Him in our lives. And how can any relationship sustain when its lost its very essence – the blessing of our Lord. In the past few months I withdrew from the world. I was drawn closer to God. He was the only one who would see me for what I am – good and bad and still love me unconditionally. I realized what I was searching for so long. It was the presence of God in my life. And I have found Him today and aint letting go. I heard this from a very wise lady when we were discussing relationship and she ll recall when she reads this. ” For any relationship to work it must flow from God, it must be God’s will. Only then that relationship blossoms into what it truly meant to be – complete. You will be surprised how you don’t need anything else to make a relationship work. No amount of money, status, prestige, success and luxury can make you feel loved. You only require God from Him comes everything else. The strength to fight, the strength to face the rocky ways and the ability to love truly.

So if you have been going to clubs and coffee places to search for love you are in the wrong place. If you are joining clubs and sorority to find true love you are seriously lost. If you are trying hard to ensure the other person loves you, I must say you wasting your time. Just focus all your energy in finding God and most importantly keeping Him at the center of your life and everything you do. You will be amazed how everything else fall in place. It’s only when my whole world shattered, I heard the voice. Only when I saw the broken pieces I realized I needed Him to help me become whole again. As you are reading this you know what you have to do, but I am sure you won’t choose the easy way out. Like me you will want to reach the end of the road to find the new beginning or shall I say the only right beginning. So I wish you luck – hope you realize what you keeping out of your life before it’s too late.

Next Post: In this post I have concentrated on highlighting myy absolute end. In the next one I will talk about my new beginning.


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