Faith V/s Fate

11 Mar

Have you ever wondered if Faith and Fate were two superpowers, always out there and ready to save the world each time somone was in trouble? Was jus wondering what if Faith and Fate get into an unruly, brash and fierce fight – who do you think would win?

Faith – beautiful as her name sounds, dressed in a white long dress and with small string of flowers hanging losely on her forehead almost like a crown. She looked so angelic , so beautiful, almost breathtaking. She would flutter in and out of peoples life but one could never a=manage to keep her deep within them, She would never stay for too long. She was searching for a home for so long. Somone who might agree to keep her in their lives and heart for ever. But untill then she had to face this big bad world by herself. Faith was unaware about her powers, her beauty and her importance to others.

Fate – as the name suggest was a huge, dark  tall, with broad shoulders and strength of a thousand elephants. He was one who always walked into peoples life without being truely welcomed. He would walk in uninformed and leave hurting and very rarely leaving people happy. Well not always ofcourse. He also has a soft side that not too many people are aware of or can see or choose to see.

I was walking down one hot Suday afternoon looking forward to goo home and spend the rest of the day hidden in my room snuggling with a good book. The past few months have been quite stressful and I had to take or live with a lot of decisions I wasn’t quite ready for.  I was resigning to my fate and hoplessly trying to hang on to my faith – in life, in goodness and in the Lord Almighty. My i -pod filled with gospel songs to rock and pop music was my only distraction and companion this afternoon.

Just then I heard a big bang and a frightful thunder. I have neer heard such a loud thud. I looked around but like most days this path was completely deserted. I put of my music and tried to find the source of the sound. But in vain, think the heat had the better of me. So i walked on. Once again I saw a loud thud and I saw a wonded girl fall on the floor, falling straight from the air, just like that. I was being delusional. I blinked twice, rubbed my eyes hoping the image in front of me would just disappear but it did not. She was lying there absolutely still. She was wearing a white gown which was now stained with dirt and dust and had a small string of flower which now were dried and falling off her forehead. What could once be described as a beauty was just now a plain and simply person like you and I. I leaned down and tried to wake her up. I had enough troubles of my own and I truely did not want any more. I would just make sure she is fine and move along. I tried sprinkled some water on her and tried to ensure she is awake. She slowly opened her eyes. She was indeed radiant and innocent and an absolute beauty, but then where had she come from, who did tis to her? How ruthless? I waited for her to come to her senses. She slowly looked at me and smiled. I asked her, ” hey, I am Susan. And you are?”. She coyly replied, “Hi, I am faith. Sorry I just lost balance and fell off.” I felt like saying – from where heaven? And she replied promptly ” Well not exactly heaven but ya somewhere in between here and there.” I was agast, man did I say this loudly. She said, ” No, I just reads mind.” Now either I was insane or she was. I had no time or patience for this. So I just got up dusted myself and was ready to leave. She jus caught the end of my skirt and said please take me home with you. I will just stay a while and then leave. Barely anyone really gives me a chance, most of them see me lying this way and just spend sometime and walk away. I know you need me as much as I need you. Now I was sure she was bonkers.

 I felt sorry for her and decidd I can use some company anyway. So we walked home mostly in silence. She sat on my couch as I put the pot on the stove to make hot chocolate. I just had to know where she came from and I had to control my thoughts. She smiled as I sat opposite to her on my chair. I asked her with a straight face, ‘ Who are you?”. She replied with an equal seriousness, ” Why Faith ofcourse. You don’t believe me. I have been gone from your life for a while now but then just last night you prayed and Ola here I am”. I looked like a fool to her. What is she talking about? I was getting a little too annoyed with all these riddles and teasers. I just confronted her sternly. “Look missy I have no time or patience to deal with this right now I have a lot going on in my life itself. So you please give me for what it is and why you here sitting in my living room ll messed up and beaten up. And I want nothing but the truth.”- ” I am Faith. Last night you were having a conversation with God and asking him to intervene in your life and we sat up and discussed and he sent me. Girl, you need to have some faith. There is lots going on in your life. Some things look good to you and some are extremely painful but both are good for you, both are necessary. Times like these rips you off everything, your will, your happines, your willingness and finally your faith. And thats when things get worse. You let fate take hold of your life.”

At that exact moment I heard a loud noise. It came from my room. I looked at her all afraid almost petrified, but Fait seemed extremely calm and poised. I ran inside to look and there stood a ghastly looking man. Badly bruised and hurt and bleeding. Extremely ugly and unkept. He just raised his nostrils and smelt and made grunting noises. I had just resigned to my fate. Now whatever may happen. Nothing seems queer or shocking or unrealistic anymore. I boldly asked him: ” Who are you and whtat are you doing in my room and home?” He looked at me with great disgust, I am looking for Faith, she is going to ruin everything. I was caught in a cross fire. I somply told him where she was and followed him into the living room. Faith was not at all amazed to see him. She was unnerved, ” Yes Fate what do you want?” He said in his ruff tone, ” I want you out of her life. What purpose you have ruining what I have in mind for her. I have been perceived wrongly and have had been hated by people for too long, being in the lie of fire and their hate book. But i have always meant good for them and yet they never see that. I am tired.” He suddenly looked at me and ranted on. “You look at this girl Faith. I have by the instructions of God given her a life that she is going to thank God later for but today nah not today. Today she will abuse me, hate me and curse me. She will be sad and depressed and live life like its a big drudgery. Women of little faith. ” He looked at Faith, ” Hey is’nt that ironic Faith. You are here to change her mind and I am here to stop you, but she does not believe in either of us. Let’s go its a waste of time.”

Faith tried to calm him down but fate had made up his mind. he was done for good. He wanted to resign. I was zonked, I was spoken inthird person even when I was standing right there, all my deepest thoughts and fears were discussed with vengence and anger and was a topic of  debate. Just when fate was about to leave and Faith follow. I stopped them. “Faith – Fate. Please wait, I need some answers. The last year has been really ruff on me. I had to take decisions that were hurtful and life changing. I had to live and deal with matters that have an impact tat I can’t gert over. I had to sell my dreams to realize another one, one which you choose for me fate and then through this all not once someone told me why. Why fate suddenly decided to change its course, why did it without warning change my life upside down? But Fate I believe you had God’s will and Word something i never understood. ”

” And you Faith, for me you fought with Fate to give me hope that the one above loves me and is doing what is best for me. he sent you to me that I may keep you nurture you and togather we realize His dream for me.”

They both came close to me. Fate held my hand and Faith hugged me and when I opened my eyes they were gone or should I say they stayed. yes, they stayed in my heart and mind. till this date when I wake up in the morning feeling my faith is shaken I recall this day and realize I have God within me, holding me taking care of me. I need not care about frivilous things like why and how. Just accept this is his will for you and walk along in good faith. And I never argue with Fate anymore. he keeps coming by to tease faith once in awhile but now they are good friends and have agreed to co-exist.

Faith does not necessarily have to leave and fate does not necessarily have to be bad. Only in time you will realize that they are God’s way of looking after you and you will have much to thank Him for.


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