Victim of the other life…Or Yours???

3 Apr

Have you ever been in a situation and thought -“What am I doing here?”, “This is not supposed to happen to me.” Have you ever thought- that just maybe you have stumbled upon another world, a world you not suppose to be in.

I wake up one morning and everything is changed. Well not really, the room looks the same the walls are painted the same colour, the book I read last night stands still at the desk where I left it, but something does not seem right. Suddenly my door opens and I almost expect to see a huge monster enter the room, when I am greeted with a familiar smiling face of my mother. “Chalo beta wake up or you will be late.” This was the first warning, the vocie gets more aggressive and irritating with each wake up call. Maybe our cell phone manufactures can take inspitration from this, each time we snooze the alarm the next time it must ring with a sharper noise. Well coming back. Now this proved it that I had woken up in my house, in my room and with my parents being in the next room. But I could bet my life something had changed, something significant.

All those days when you woke and felt like this, what did you do?Just let it pass by na? You went to work feel dragged into conversations you don’t want to be a part of, into work you hate doing and into smiling at people you dislike. But then you think well this is life and I am just living it the way I am expected to. Well at least you realized something significant has changed. We just don’t know what yet.

I went straight to a mirror. I looked the same. but my heart was heavy, my body felt like it was being weighed down with a sack filled with  potates (read misery). I felt lazy and restless. Everything felt sad, mournful and i just knew that this was one day I wished I could just sleep away. I stepped out of my house all dressed up hoping that will cheer me up, but no. No familiar faces anymore. People I grew up with had parted ways, or over the years just lost touch. I had taken up a new job, new faces, new pwople, new image to build. I had somewhere in the journey and transission lost myself.

So lets stop and analyse. Things on the outside has not really changed. What really has changed is whats within. But in some wierd way the things outside had a huge impact of changing what was inside. So you can safely conclude that they are dependent and are not independent in their change. So now there are only two alternatives:

  1. You can change how you feel on the inside- to deal what’s on the outside
  2. You can change how you feel on the outside – to deal what’s on the inside

But we have to remember we have little or no control over the outside circumstances, situation, people and how they react to us. So that more or less remains constant from your perspective. What you can change partially or fully is what you feel on the inside.

I was convinced I was living a day in another’s life. Now that’s a story I like to cook up. My soul in the middle of the night went out for a stroll. She strolled far away into a forest and got lost. She tried searchin her way back before it was morning  but failedd to do so and finally decided to take shelter in another body until the day passed. But another soul (the extras who always wander around the earth in case of these emergencies) rose up to the occassion, saw a concern and jumped into my body to provide a temporary replacement for my soul.  If you lucky you would find a happy soul, but then again why would a happy soul be found wandering, it would be content with it’s life and go off to heaven or hell where it was destined. So moving on. A other body experience. Where you have no control over the way you feel, you are faced with situations you never dreamt of, you are made to live a life that was not yours: What will you do then I ask? Simple Live like it is your own… So i decided to try option one: Change inside to deal with outside. I tried to put on a smile when going got tuff. I tried to be happy and joyous through a trying time. I smiled and whistled when I was stuck in a horrible traffic jam that got me one hour late to work. I looked the other way when I saw things I disliked.

I realized that someday you will wake up and feel like you are living a life you had never planned for yourself. After doing all the calculation and in-depth analysis you had made a mistake to derive at the perfect life. Thats because you forgot to take into consideration the most important factor – God’s will. You may plan a million things, think a thousand of permutation and combination and finally take that one road that you deem the best for yourself, but if you leave out God’s will for you, you reach no where. Your road looks rocky, your life seems unfit, your success don’t make you happy, your achievements don’t bring joy – all cause you did not align  your will with His will.

Always remember true happiness comes from achieving what you were born to achieve. Pray, ask God to give you the wisdom and discernment to understand His will for you and rejoice your life. So if next time you wake up and realize that just maybe you are living some others life you are wrong you are living your own as per His will.

Key to happiness: Your Life + Your Will = God’s Will for you.

Something to think about is’nt it?



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