Undercover Boss

25 Oct

I am a big fan of reality tv. I can watch real time rigid drama all day long.. In my recent surfing of the channels I came across ” Undercover Boss” that truly caught my attention. I don’t believe in this whole boss concept cause I started working in the late 2000’s where the trend had already changed for the better. But that does not mean I don’t believe the old fashioned values of: to respect your boss, yes boss, and the legendary the boss is always right. It’s a part of a learning process in the much talked about corporate world. But this is not my subject of attention here. What I would like to bring to light through this post is how important a part a boss plays in ones life. How he can make a difference even without knowing that he does.

An episode from ‘ Undercover Boss’ made me realize the importance of the involvement of a boss in an employees life. He gets down from his birds eye view and works on the ground level to see the reality for what it is. Imagine a CEO of your company takes you in a conference room and asks you to give him a feedback about the company, your work-would you be absolutely honest? Or would you be honest but sugarcoat the truth? Or would you lie in order to survive? Now as oppose to that imagine the CEO disguise himself as one of you and learns the actual truth. While this could mean bad news for skimmers this a good news for honest employees. What is the most moving part is that how each employee takes where he works as his place of worship. Like he is responsible personally. That’s how at least I work. Long hours, less time with family, trudging along through bad times no matter what you are at the said time at your desk working your ass of cause that’s what you are expected to do and you put your heart and soul. Anything less is unacceptable. And imagine if your boss could see the sacrifices you make to be here each day. Wish he could see how much you give up for him to gain. Yes you argue he pays you to do it. Indeed he does but he does not pay us to be loyal he does does not pay us to be sincere, these are values that are priceless and a very lucky employer gets that in their employees.. This series brings in the front this turn of events. Getting closer to the people who makes this company for what it is. You would be surprised how many great CEO and leaders are out there and I am proud to have worked for them too. Taking into consideration the humane factor is very essential to build a trusting, loyal and hardworking family known as Inc or corporation. I thank all those leaders who try hard to understand we the employees and thank all the bosses who take good interest in the progress and growth of their employees….


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