25 Jan

For all these years I was trying to figure out why a blow on my face hurts less but a bad word or a harsh statement refuses to leave my mind. It gets imprinted on our minds and hearts and each time we hear those dreadful words we are hurt all over again. No wonder all those philosophers and religious books warn us to be wise with our words.

AfterWords – This post is inspired by this one word. What happens once you let slip a silly comment out of your mouth? What happens after you abuse someone you love? What happens after you say a harsh statement that you know will hurt them? What happens if your words infuse pain and slowly turns to hatred towards you? What is after that…

Arjun slams the front door shut, he was fuming, said some things that were absolutely essential and some that he would regret later. This was a normal sight if you lived in ‘Towering Heights’, Mumbai. Priya as always coiled up in her corner and cried herself to sleep that night. Arjun came in late, riding around the town or hitting his regular pub was how he dealt with these regular fights. He saw Priya lying where he left her last, without a word he walked into the bedroom and lay awake on his bed. Why did he have to be so mean? Why did he say those things to her? Did he not love her anymore? What was wrong with them? The questions that usually had no answer and had become mechanical, one without any emotions or feelings attached to it.

Morning dawned a new day. The night in her darkness breached the riff but was unable to heal the pain. Priya woke up with a headache. She walked into the bedroom to see Arjun sprawled over the bed in exhaustion. She did not know where the love went. She signed and walked her way to the bathroom, hoping the water will wash off the pain. When she came out she saw Arjun standing against the window pane with a coffee mug and one lying next to the lamp stand. He turned around looked her staright in the eye and then towards the coffee cup. He said, “Priya, I am sorry about last night. With work and home and my parents, I just get irritated quickly and lash out on you.  Hope you find the heart to forgive me.” Priya just nodded, picked up the coffee mug and sat down on the bed.  Arjun moved towards her hesitantly. Put his hand on her shoulders, she wept.

Reconciliation is easy, burying the pain is painless, but what happens to those words after they are spoken? Priya and Arjun are only a glimpse into how we treat relationships. For all those times you have spoken rudely to your caring mom calling her a nag. For all those friends you have hurt with your taunting words. For all those collegues you have humiliated just for laughs. It’s time to watch what leaves your lips. It’s time you thought before you spoke.

I have hurt a lot of people with my words. My words have made me popular with some people (who laugh along) but I made more enemies down the line (on whom we laughed). I have lost the respect of few of my closest friends, I have subjected them to a string of insulting words and hurt their feelings. An apology will not do it but yet I have nothing else to give but a heartfelt Sorry!!



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