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A Gift to smile about….

28 Feb

Today a strange thing happened. After my usual morning routine of waking up, relishing my coffee, quite time, getting ready and feeling sorry for myself, I went to work. I knew this day will not be any different from the other days, but guess what, like everyday (which I miss seeing) it was indeed different and it managed to change my the course of the day.

I settled down at my desk, logged on to my machine and mechanically started my day. Checking mails, responding to mails, making calls, taking calls, getting things in order and planning the rest of the day. Suddenly I got a package delivered on my desk. It was nicely gift wrapped and looked pretty. It was from an anonymous sender, there was nothing written on the cover. My hands were shaking as I unwrapped the gift, wondering who it could be and who was kind enough to gift me for my birthday. Honestly I never received any gifts and actually no gifts from my friends since the last 6 years now. So I could easily narrow down to ‘Anonymous’.

The excitment of receiving an unknown package was like unwrapping the christmas presents under a tree (about which I had only read and that which I was experiencing today). My hands still shaking, unable to keep my excitement down. This is what I received:

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 at 1.00 PM – “URBAN SHOTS- BRIGHT LIGHTS”.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 at 3.00 PM – “URBAN SHOTS- CROSSROADS”


I was so thrilled and smiled like a little child who had received the book of her dreams. It wasn’t about the joy of receiving the present alone but the fact that someone cared enough to know what you love and knows me well enough to know that I would love reading it. That completely bowled me over. I have never received presents this way (not from friends for sure). So today as the day progress and while I account the moment so far live from my PC ( 28th February, 2012 at 3.30 PM), I would like to thank Akanksha Bali with all my heart to make this day speacial and make my birthday to come more exciting.

The day started with uncertainity, I was certain of one thing though that the day will be nothing but a regular one. However, these moments of sheer joy turns the day around. I don’t know how the day will progess but I am sure that I will always have that moment that made me happy today 🙂

Thanks Bali for taking this day from being sheer ordinary to extraordinary.


My writing style-is just like my Life!!!

16 Feb

I am not sure why we write. I am not sure why we blog at all. Do we want to express our feelings or vent out our anger? Do we want our words to listen to us? Or are we trying to gasconade our vocabulary to impress the world out there? Whatever the reason maybe, I love blogging and love reading good blogs (I follow one in particular- because I think he writes well and is kind of my guru). But moving on and coming to the topic at hand.

I blog because I cannot express what lies deep within me without putting it into words. I find it hard to talk to people, even people I love. I find it hard to break it down and think straight. So I write it down. I am not structured, either in my thoughts or while writing (a feedback most of my readers have given me-that’s by the way 2 of them- actually make that 1). I write hoping that if someone reads my thoughts may feel they are not the only ones going through these emotions- there are others just like them. When my fingertips find the keys on the keyboard, words come alive and I keep typing untill I am surprised with how deep those words are, see I did not say profound (I will allow you to use that word).

As always my mind flutters from one topic to another. But for this post I choose this to talk about – Why life decides to teach you lessons the hard way? I have always doubted life. He said he will look after me and that all will be fantastic I just got to be patient. And 27 years and 11 months later I am still clueless. I always admired people who had their life chalked out or how their well planned life falls like domino pieces in one line with just that one required push. Then why has my life decided to remain constant, stable, frozen. Maybe because I never planned anything in my life? I trusted and knew that the one above has planned my entire life for me and I am waiting for Him to put to gather all the shattered pieces of my jigsaw puzzle and show me the complete picture. But I am guessing He is still searching for that crucial part of the jigsaw that is absolutely necessary to move on. Now I have started wondering, is it wrong not to plan ahead or take calculative steps and plan out each minute and who stays in your life, who does not, who adds value to your plan and who would be the hindrance? Can I do that? Should I do that? I have learnt some really valuable lessons in 2012 (yes already). And I hope that’s all I learn for this year – cause I surely learnt it the hard way. I trust people easily, I see hope in people easily- I believe I can change them, help them – maybe that’s my purpose of life-maybe I am God’s little shoemaker, who can help transform people to become better human beings instead of shoes looking good. But I was wrong, I was disappointed time and again, as that person either chose to take the best from me and say good bye or stab me in the back or just asked me to mind my own business. So now I need to find a new purpose in life.

So even after I have burnt my hands, hurt myself and seen it happen a million times I make the same mistake. That’s termed as stupid according to a realistic guy. But since when having a good heart is repaid in a slap on your face. But then on the other hand I realized that life is very similar to my unstructured writing. Just like how we start off on one note and let words take its course of life, in my real life too I do that. I start a new beginning and then let it take its course. I may digress a little, but the story is still good to read. I may make a few spelling mistakes, but readers still understand the true emotions. Life is start like that. Starts on one note and ends on another. But when it’s complete it’s always a masterpiece. So instead of question God or my job or why me, I decided to just be happy, be satisfied and make the most of the moment I am in. In most cases I’ll slip but I am committed to try and succeed. So those who write in a planned and well thought out manner, I congratulate you but those who don’t you are in a for a good surprise….

This is to all those hopeless wanderers on earth who rest their faith in the God above. Who are not afraid to live an unknown life, ready to face head on all that comes their way? Yes sob a little, yes take a break, yes be shattered but with strength and dignity you stand up and do it all again…

Around the World in an heartbeat..

1 Feb

(You’ve got mail) From: Akanksha Bali (Sent on 2/01/2012 7.12 PM)

As soon as I clicked on the mail I realised this is going to change my life.

Fine I will drop the dramatization but the mail did manage to divert my mind a little. I had never recognized myself as someone who would spark up at the thought of globe trotting or someone who would go bag packing across continents. But the 23 (flying) hours changed my mind. Geography books always said ‘look how big this world is’, Google confirmed it with images, videos and write ups and my first trip made it real. When you look down from the airplane my first thought was not “Wow this is breathtaking”. But “Wow this world is so big and I am just a dot (atleast from where I was looking).” I have known people who have managed to explore and visit different cities, countries and continents and they always told me that once you realize how much there is to see, you will want to see it all. Sounded almost like an unstoppable force to me. But I was always happy within the four walls and restricted city limits. It was perfect, then why would I want to explore? It seems like I always did secretly want to, just never got the opportunity to. I have a different ideology about seeing new places. For me places become special and memorable when you share it with your dear one. So even when I had the opportunity I never went ahead and grabbed it. I just let it pass in bookshops and coffee shops. Now when such mails clutter my inbox I get depressed. I don’t go like “This is amazing. What an awesome mail, thanks for sharing”, instead I start calculating whether the years ahead of me will allow me to discover and see those beautiful places, take in and experience the true essence of the rich heritage and culture the places brings with it. And most importantly I starred at my bank balance and the monthly commitments that may never allow this dream to be a reality. It hit me and hit me hard that we have very little time in hand and that we must make the most of it. You have an opportunity to visit a new place courtesy your job or just because God is being partial to you, make the most of it. So what if you may have to eat out only once in a month or watch 100 movies less and some more real sacrifices, atleast you are going places, building new experiences and making memories that will last you a lifetime. I have decided that maybe at this moment I may be unable to explore any further than a new city in India but never the less I am going to do it. I am going to keep aside what I am going to call the travel fund and visit new cities (hopefully I will find friends or friend if I am lucky) to tag along or I can just pick up my bag make a few calls and leave (ok the later is pushing it too far. If anybody who knows me knows I wont do that).

No more starring at Google Images of exotic locations and feeling sorry. I am going to make my own little album of places I have been to and would in this little haven of mine – blog about it and you kind readers can boost my ego by leaving comments like ” Oh my God that is absolutely beautiful. Man you are so lucky to go about and see those places.” Oh my God I just realized – I need to go buy an SLR camera to capture the wonderful moments I am about to make. I know I am leaving this post with an abrupt ending but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do..

Ka-ching !!!!!!!!