Around the World in an heartbeat..

1 Feb

(You’ve got mail) From: Akanksha Bali (Sent on 2/01/2012 7.12 PM)

As soon as I clicked on the mail I realised this is going to change my life.

Fine I will drop the dramatization but the mail did manage to divert my mind a little. I had never recognized myself as someone who would spark up at the thought of globe trotting or someone who would go bag packing across continents. But the 23 (flying) hours changed my mind. Geography books always said ‘look how big this world is’, Google confirmed it with images, videos and write ups and my first trip made it real. When you look down from the airplane my first thought was not “Wow this is breathtaking”. But “Wow this world is so big and I am just a dot (atleast from where I was looking).” I have known people who have managed to explore and visit different cities, countries and continents and they always told me that once you realize how much there is to see, you will want to see it all. Sounded almost like an unstoppable force to me. But I was always happy within the four walls and restricted city limits. It was perfect, then why would I want to explore? It seems like I always did secretly want to, just never got the opportunity to. I have a different ideology about seeing new places. For me places become special and memorable when you share it with your dear one. So even when I had the opportunity I never went ahead and grabbed it. I just let it pass in bookshops and coffee shops. Now when such mails clutter my inbox I get depressed. I don’t go like “This is amazing. What an awesome mail, thanks for sharing”, instead I start calculating whether the years ahead of me will allow me to discover and see those beautiful places, take in and experience the true essence of the rich heritage and culture the places brings with it. And most importantly I starred at my bank balance and the monthly commitments that may never allow this dream to be a reality. It hit me and hit me hard that we have very little time in hand and that we must make the most of it. You have an opportunity to visit a new place courtesy your job or just because God is being partial to you, make the most of it. So what if you may have to eat out only once in a month or watch 100 movies less and some more real sacrifices, atleast you are going places, building new experiences and making memories that will last you a lifetime. I have decided that maybe at this moment I may be unable to explore any further than a new city in India but never the less I am going to do it. I am going to keep aside what I am going to call the travel fund and visit new cities (hopefully I will find friends or friend if I am lucky) to tag along or I can just pick up my bag make a few calls and leave (ok the later is pushing it too far. If anybody who knows me knows I wont do that).

No more starring at Google Images of exotic locations and feeling sorry. I am going to make my own little album of places I have been to and would in this little haven of mine – blog about it and you kind readers can boost my ego by leaving comments like ” Oh my God that is absolutely beautiful. Man you are so lucky to go about and see those places.” Oh my God I just realized – I need to go buy an SLR camera to capture the wonderful moments I am about to make. I know I am leaving this post with an abrupt ending but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do..

Ka-ching !!!!!!!!


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