Poetically Incorrect

22 Mar

Have you ever wonder about what nursery rhymes are really trying to tell us? As children humming those tunes or learning those poetically correct words seemed like life’s lullaby. But after all these years when I hum them in my absentmindedness, they make little sense with each passing year. Now what’s the deal with having to hurt the subject in each of these nursery rhymes – Jack and Jill (fell off the hill), Humpty Dumpty (had a great fall), Piggy on the railways (up came the engine driver and broke his bones) and London Bridge is falling down (can’t imagine how many were injured if it did fall down).

Also, whats the deal with being notorious, careless and they loosing stuff all the time – Little Bo Peep (she lost her sheep), Ding Dong Bell (pusy in the well), Little Miss Muffet (frightened with a spider when all she was doing is sit peacefully),Georgy Porgey Pudding and Pie (kissed the girls and made them cry). How ghastly… What are we trying to instill in little children?

Alright Alright, before you all come down hard on me, I just want to say that although these nursery rhymes make little or no sense at times, also, we maybe unable to comprehend it’s complete understanding but all said and done they are the part of our most wonderful years.. When we were read the Mother Goose nursery rhymes I still recall how happily we would recite them back to our mothers.. What an achievement it would be if we got through Jack and Jill and had accomplished throwing him down the hill.. That was life.. Right there amidst all the innocence and blind recitation… Its only now at the age of 28 I question Why, What sense does it make… Instead I ask myself  “Does it have to always make sense?”………


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