Single Women Liberation….

29 Jun

The most absurd comments I have heard:

1) A woman should get married by the age of 24.

2) A woman should bear a child by the age of 30.

3) The best job for a woman is a Kindergarten Teacher (9 Am – 3 PM)

4) A woman should not be career oriented

5) A woman should ideally sit at home and take care of  kids and not work.

6) A woman makes for lousy leaders

7) A woman has to sacrifice and make compromises

all this coming from educated MEN. I cannot emphasis the word ‘men’ more but it is sad when a woman herself nods along and agrees to those comments. These conversations for some reason take life and breathe around me. And most of these are words spoken by men and agreed and put into practice by women.

I am 28 years old nowhere close to getting married, let alone having children by 30 :). Who are these people who allow themselves to decide for some others fate? I detest men who think that way. Woman today are capable to conquer the world, run the government and also make interesting super heroes (if men who write comic books can work with that idea). But what I get disgusted with even further is the thought process women hold. Why can’t we stand up to these men and tell them to go control their lives and stop commenting on others. I was given a 15 minutes lecture on how a woman’s body goes through complications if she attempts to have a kid at the age beyond 30 and that too by a guy I hardly knew. I stood there agape. I argued until I could and then decided just to give this man an acknowledging nod and nothing more, each time we met.

I am not saying all men are that way, but somewhere deep down they are conditioned this way at least here in India. I am aware I may be offending a few men here and believe me; I know a lot of men who do not think about women this way.  I just hope that we too like most western culture, can respect a woman’s decision to stay single as long as she wants without being pressurized or questioned, “So when are you planning to get married?”. Also, please refrain from asking a girl in an interview if she is married and if not – is she engaged, if not- is she planning to get married and when? (This I am aware is an offensive question everywhere else but here inINDIA). I have had the bitter experience to answer those questions myself and believe me it was very awkward to answer them 🙂 And you know what astonishes me more – all those questions were asked by woman and more so married women.

All said and done – Ladies please leave the (now Indian ready to get married) single woman alone. I am happy for you to be married, please try to be happy for us too. And men oh men please and I can’t emphasis enough please please stop worrying about our right age for marriage and having children, please worry about how you will make enough money to accommodate all the cost of having a wife who you want should sit at home and look after your children.

P.S: I apologize if anyone’s hurt through this post. But I do not apologize about the way I feel that has finally taken the form of words…



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