What I stopped doing by the age of 29…

5 Mar

As I was patiently waiting for the days to go by and the clock to tick to March 2, 2013 – 12.00 AM, my mind wandered to the things around me. That is the thing of growing up around familiar – it always has stories and memories to recall. As I looked around I realized although not much had changed over the last decade, things felt different (italic added for emphasis). I was a different me. I thought of a fun activity – to list things I stopped doing by the age of 29.

1. Stopped dancing senslessly in my room in fornt of the mirror to loud music by teen singers like Britany Spears, NSync, Backstreet Boys, Westlife, Enrique and the sorts.

2. Stopped reading fantasy fictions and children mysteries – Harry Potter, Nancy Drew, Secret Seven, they were better left up on the self.

3. Stopped having fun at parties – where loud music and girlfriends were the only things that drove you to headbang and look stupid around a bunch of strangers.

4. Stopped going for long bike rides at wee hours – to feel the cold breeze on your face as you push your speed limits to more than the permissible.

5. Stopped chatting with friends till midnight – making plans for weekends, vacations, outings – when time was no constraint.

6. Stopped running – to run fast against the wind, feeling breathless and watching the world pass by.

7. Stopped going alone to a coffee shop, sipping on the coffee and reading my favorite book, watching people and analyzing their lives and making my own stories.

8. Stopped taking risks – living on the edge, making a difference, being truely happy in whatever I did and be less grumpy.

9. Stopped caring – With age I realized we get more non-chalent and less bothered about others needs and be more involved in your own needs as time is less and there are too many people to keep happy and fit in that free time available.

I stopped doing a lot of things. Some things are a part of growing up while some I see as me missing out on the good things in life. Why as we grow we loose the better part of ourselves and nurture the bitter part. Time is one factor that dwindles with age – what you do with it and how you make it enjoyable will help you continue things you once enjoyed but stopped….


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