Your world just got better – because of YOU!!

5 May

As a child we look at the world as a big, massive thing. The geography we learnt for all the years showed us how even 10 years of learning the same cannot do justice of emphasizing how vast this world is. But as we grow old or should I say grow-up we see the world around us shrink.

From 10 best friends in school to 5 in college to 2 as we steadily approach towards our career and none as we start a family. From being a block away to down the lane to moving cities and eventually moving countries. From having a huge family to rarely seeing them once in three months. From being carefree to worrisome. From being happy to resentful – our world is constantly shrinking as we grow old enough to fit into these often spoken about boots and bust our backsides to the grave.

‘Stop and smell the roses’ or ‘World hold on’ or ‘Stop the clock’ (this does not apply to the biological clock) . I have read enough poetries, songs and books that coax us to get out of the room we have confined our worlds to and step out and dare to live – but I have realized that few have the courage to. We always think – but I have a stable job, I have a loving family, I can’t leave this one or that one behind. We tie ourselves down with these imaginary ropes and then slowly start narrowing our lives to please those people just so that we get the satisfaction of living a big happy life. The only truth to this is – we are living a lie.

How many times have you hung out with a bunch of people you only smile at all evening without actually talking about anything substantial or real, meanwhile thinking in your head please kill me with that butter knife. Makes me want to think if that’s the reason why most group of people refrain from going to quite dinners and instead choose loud noisy and cheap alcohol places, just so that they can force themselves to have a good time – hence explaining the expression “happy high”. Also, how many times you have said – “I wish I could just go for a retreat, a holiday -ALONE! ” But never to actually leave your doorstep to even go to a spa or visit your parents unless there is an emergency. How many times have you tried making friends with your colleagues by choosing to hate the same people? Only to turn around and see the so called friend being the best friend with your enemy. Successful in convincing others that they are actually best friends while all the time loathing each other. This is how low you can go – it’s even lower than six feet under my friends.

I understand, life happened to you. You went along. You did not stand in it’s way, just chose to get washed away like a lifeless body in a gushing water. Stop wishing – make it happen. Not just once in awhile- don’t let this be like the spell of rain at Atacama Desert – be consistent in getting what you want. I don’t mean be ruthless or selfish or do anything illegal or unethical or ungodly because believe me that will give you no satisfaction just sleepless nights. Find yourself, love yourself, embrace who you are, change for the better, know what you want to be – and be that person. Go for a safari, a spiritual retreat, a spa, a holiday, a walk in the park – just you with well – you. And discover who you are. What you love to do, what gives you real happiness, what makes you smile, what songs make you happy, what have you being missing, what are you searching for? Each time you unveil who you really are – you are  expanding your world and extending it to your loved ones. Who wants to be trapped in a room with four walls, so you let no one in. But once you are in this open and blissful world – you will attract the ones you love and the ones who love you, to come and join you there and your world will keep getting bigger and better.

Only if we are content and at peace with ourselves can we be of any use to another – else we are just a hindrance!


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