Choose to let God in!

12 Feb

Do you believe in second chances? Do you believe that if you let go of one thing just to gain another and when you turn around you will find that thing right where you left it? Do you really believe that?
Nothing stays for ever. Everything in our lives are series of events we consciously or unconsciously choose. We choose to walk away from people, we choose to stay with some. We choose to move on in life, we choose to stand still. We choose to get affected, we choose to stay unhurt. Whatever it is,  but sometimes we have no choice but to live with the consequences of the choices we make.
Sometimes a missed opportunity takes you down a new road in your life. Sometimes a heartbreak makes you meet the love of your life. Sometimes leaving it all behind brings you home. Sometimes not knowing the known keeps you going on.
I am not sure if we will find all that we are searching for in this lifetime. I am not sure if all our choices will take us there where we can say we have lived a complete life. But I am sure of this one thing, that we have little to no control of where life can take us. I am sure of this one thing, that no matter what choices you make, if you have not chosen to allow GOD to work in you – you are going to fail to be content or joyous. Cause in human capacity there is only this much you can do – to please people, to work hard, to forget, to regret, to live unconsciously, to remorse, to cover up and to try and make it all work. It’s like piecing a broken vase together. It will never fully be restored to it’s full purpose and capacity.
So let go and let God in!


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