Movies that blow your mind- Literally

19 Apr

I am amazed at how a bad book gets made into a feel good movie. Chetan Bhagat’s books should be stocked up in children’s section. They are nothing but local fairytales and with very basic English skills. I would not let a 10 year old child read it- as it would be an insult to his/her intellect. My post is not about bashing the writer or the movie as both lack imagination and sensibility. Come on people challenge your readers and viewers. I mean in India we only opt to watch movies to be able to sit in air-conditioning for three hours instead of the scorching sun outside or to see the drama that happens each day on tv or even better at home being potrayed by good looking characters (provided it’s a big banner production) on screen. If that’s not enough to create love in a delusional fashion at some exotic location with some really meaningless songs shoved in so that you can go out and buy popcorn or take a bathroom break. I remember a few movies we friends were fighting who would go out and get something to eat as sitting on that seat and watching the movie made me a smaller person with each passing scene.
I wonder who to blame, the ones making it or the ones making it popular. Are we creatures of habit or just the ever optimist? Take me for example: before watching every Bollywood movie I do my research. If I am going to spend three hours of my life and worse still my only day off of work in that theatre I need to know what I am getting into. So I see trailers, watch reviews, interviews etc. And I always hope this one won’t disappoint me.
I am not saying the whole cinema is bad. We make some really good and intelligent movies and if you will notice, people are now able to distinguish between an entertainer and an actual movie. And kudos to that. They make a Dabang or Singham or Chennai Express a hit for its larger than life potrayal of our idiosyncrasies. At the same time they recognize movies like Kartik Calling Kartik, Kahaani, Luck by chance, and many others for its simplicity and intelligent plot and storyline.
Yes you right we need both. But we need to maintain equal balance of both too. I mean right now every one in ten movies makes me happy about spending a fraction of my earnings worth it. Or tingles my senses and makes me go like wow.
Movie makers and now since we adapt most stories from bestsellers too I humbly request the writers too, to please raise the bar and try us. We will surprise you just how much we love our senses being picked and also don’t just makes movie for the masses but also for the classes. A sincere request from the ever optimistic bollywood movie goer.


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