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12 May

You know who we take for granted the most in our lives? Our moms.
Their happiness when we smile. Their joy when we achieve. Their sorrow when we suffer. Their tears when we cry.
They cook, they clean. But expect nothing in return. They stay awake till you get home, they let you be when you in a bad mood. But they say nothing at all, silently praying you will find your peace through it all.
Her true belief that you are the best amongst all the millions out there. Her trust that you are the most precious jewel she will ever possess. Her worrisome brow when you don’t reply to her messages or come home late. Her happy heart when you achieve success.
Oh ma where you get the strength to be, all this and more for me. Oh ma how do you love me so, without letting me know. Oh ma my comfort, resting place. I thank God for blessing me with you in His grace.
Ma can there be me without you? Ma can one heart beat as two? Ma you created a world around me, one which was beautiful and good for me. You gave me all you had. The last morsel of food so I could be full. The extra blanket at night so I could be warm. Being there cheering me on for every sports day at school. Telling me that I could be anything I want. Singing the songs of life togather. Knowing we can face anything in life as long as we have one another.
Thank you ma for love unconditional. Thank you for showing me what Ma really stands for…