Life as we know it!

25 Oct


We are all living lives that are a lie. We live to impress others. We work hard to sustain a life that will make others tilt their heads in slight admiration and a smile that says ” I am happy for you” but an heart that says “Damn you”.

As if the little world we had built that surrounds us was not enough to keep up with, that social media decided one day to proudly increase our horizon to now compete with anyone across the globe. We all have been victims to this sort of competition. We stick with unhappy jobs, humiliation, lost love, long distance relationships – all so that we can meet the standards of this world. The few that dare to tread their way are then labelled losers, dreamers or impractical people.

How many times have we traded our dreams for what our parents wanted us to be? How many times have we laid down our happiness only to impress those around us? How many times have we suffered humiliation as a small price to pay for the acceptance of others?

I know I have. Every time I have been bold enough to take a huge step, mankind gives me a giant kick, to bring me to a realization that maybe just maybe I am being foolish to throw all this away. I get that disappointed look on my parents face who very conveniently miss seeing the sadness of my heart. I get the sympathy of my neighbors who think I am unstable and mentally demented. Because clearly the world has defined how I need to live if I have a certain kind of degree, work experience and family background. There is this imaginary software that exists in the cosmos far far away, where we put in the combination of things like: Age, Gender, Education, Status, Country, Experience, IQ etc and based on those combinations it will determine your perfect life. If you deviate from that, the world will send out an alert message much like the GPS in your car to remind you that you are heading in the wrong direction. “RECALCULATING”. And once again you brought right back to where you were.

Of course there are exceptions to the case. Those who dare to leave and care little about what people have to say. And those who actually love the life that has been calculated for them. In that case, this will not interest them much. But the rest of us in between have to quickly move to the either side or then live life striving to get closer to the end we choose. I have dared many times, to tread on the path I dream of, but then I am afraid of hurting people I love, that I fall back into the same pattern and routine. I then slow start pushing myself to the end where I am happy with what has been calculated for me. But I know I am not.

I know many of us who are afraid to take the first step, wondering if not being accepted by this world is something we can accept to live with. I know that its hard to not care of what others think and do that which will truly give you the satisfaction of living. I know its hard but it cannot be harder than the lie you already living. All those who are happy with conforming to what the world expects you to be – I am happy for you. All those who are searching the path to your true happiness – to them I say – Do what your heart tells you, not what the world and society tells you to.


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