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Mentor Matters

31 Aug

I stepped into the corporate world 5 years ago, but I got the real taste of what it entails only just recently. I was always told by the wise and alike, ‘let your performance do the talking’. But soon realized performance is an introvert, it refuses to get out and get known. He likes to be watched from the sidelines and is soon forgotten. Some other Management Guru’s said, ‘you have it in you to become all you want to be.’ But soon realized it’s not in your hands alone to reach where you want to go – you will need directions, a roadmap perhaps, a little encouragement and sound advice from time to time.  Then what matters to be successful in an organization?


Three years ago I was a naïve, lost and an under confident HR professional. I believed all the wise men and the advice of the management gurus and thought I was set. But I was in for a rude shock. This place is not a garden, it is a full-fledged jungle where you need to fend for yourself. But I had nothing to worry cause I was placed in the hands of one of the best Mentors one could ask for.

Mentors are much like a parent, only in this case at work. Like parents you do not get to choose your Mentor, they are destined. How are they like your parent you ask?

1. Mentor puts up with your shortcomings:

Like every child you want things your way, not knowing that that way leads to a dead end. Your Mentor very kindly gives you reasons to turn away and holds your hands and leads you in the right direction. In between puts up with your tantrums and utter stubbornness.

2. Mentor fends for you:

He takes the blame for you. Put up a fight to defend your point and will not give up till he has driven the point home. He puts himself in the line of firing while all along you sit protected in your chair being oblivion to the things around.

3. Mentor gives you wings to fly

Much like a parent, the Mentor instructs you how to fly, demonstrates it a few times and when the time comes allows you to fly alone. He will be there to pick you up when you fall, he will heal your wounds, he will not ridicule or laugh along with others but give you the strength to stand up and do it all over again.

4. Mentor makes you realize your true self:

Like a child looks for approval from his parents, a mentee looks for the approval of his Mentor. He does everything to please him and ensures that his Mentor is never disappointed in him. The Mentor trusts you completely. He understands you and knows your potential. He nurtures your strengths and eliminates your weaknesses. If you have a Mentor like mine he will make you love what you once hated to do and make it your goal in life. He will make you realize what you good at and what you made for.

5. Mentor will never leave you or forsake you:

Your Mentor may leave the organization but he never leaves you. He continues to inspire and motivate you. You will constantly strive to make him proud and when someone sees you they will see a reflection of him in you, hence leaving his mark in the organization forever. As the Mentee will someday become a Mentor too and he will do all that he learnt from his Mentor.

Mentor does matter and to my surprise a little more than I would like to admit. Before I leave this space I would like to take a moment to acknowledge my parent at work my Mentor – I call him my Godfather.

Dear Mentor,

I came to you with a stubborn mind, a hard attitude and a naïve heart.  I came with no goals, no vision and an absolute dreamer. I had a mouth that would cut deep and a temper that could set a stadium on fire. I recall the hours of arguments and endless disagreements we had.  I recall the hours I have cribbed and complained about things not being right. You have patiently heard me out throughout. How can someone be so selfless, so invested in the success of someone else, amazed me. You were genuine, always put the needs of your mentee first and always stood by our side. You have relentlessly steered me in the right direction, motivated me to step ahead and inspired me to do well. You have given me the strength to stand up for the truth, to defend what is right and to fight for the weak & the meek. You showed me  what integrity stood for in a corporate world, what it meant to be respected and looked up upon. You taught me to stand by what I believe in no matter what. Mentor you gave me dreams I now aspire to fulfill, you gave me confidence to reach new heights, you gave me a new road I am eager to tread on, you made me realize that Mentors do matter.
I am a Mentor today (once again thanks to you)and I hope to inspire and influence her as much as you have inspired and influenced my life. I thank you for all that you have done all through these years for me. Today I am a successful HR professional and I would like to dedicate all my success and talent to you. No matter where life takes us and what heights or depths I reach I will always consider myself fortunate and blessed to have a Mentor like you!

To all who are Mentors out there you have a job that can make or break someone’s life. if you ain’t taking it seriously, I suggest you speak with my Mentor or connect with me to see what you do really matters 🙂


Turning and turning the world goes by

29 Aug

(As transcribed from: “Engelbert Humperdinck: His Greatest Hits”) Turning and turning The world goes on. We can’t change it, my friend. Let us go riding all through the days, Together to the end, to the end. Les bicyclettes de Belsize Carry us side by side And hand in hand we will ride, Over Belsize. Turn your magical eyes. Round and around, Looking at all we found. Carry us through the skies, Les bicyclettes de Belsize. Spinning and spinning, The dreams I know, Rolling on through my head. Let us enjoy them, before they go. Come the dawn, they all are dead. Yes, they’re dead. Les bicyclettes de Belsize Carry us side by side And hand in hand we will ride Over Belsize. Turn your magical eyes. Round and around, Lookin’ at all we found. Carry us through the skies, Les bicyclettes de Belsize.

The best part of being 16 is you feel like you can become anyone, you can achieve anything. The worst part of growing up is realising you cannot. At 30 as you will take a stock of your life it will shout “Bazinga”
I know what my faithful readers are thinking – ” yet another depressing post” No it’s not. I wanted to write this morning to think about how simple life is and how we complicate it? How straight the path in front of us is and how we entangle it? How magical our future is and how dull we make it? As I listen to our forefathers choice of music and one of my favourite artist Mr. Engelbert Humperdinck I realise how melodious life is And how precious time is. We ought to do each day what we love to do the most. If we ain’t doing that – forget what the world will say, even if you 60 and want to climb the Himalayas get up and get going. Cause “Turning and turning The world goes on. We can’t change it, my friend. “

How To Be Rich in Your 20s

6 Aug

How To Be Rich in Your 20s.