Who is she???

16 May

I saw the doctor beaming with pride, nurses rushing towards me with blankets to ensure I am warm, lights were dim and things looked very hazy. Then I felt a warm tender hand caress me gently. It felt familiar, like I had known this touch all through my existence. I could not open my eyes wilfully, I had little control over my senses and functions. Yet with much struggle I sneaked a peak – There I saw a lady, the most radiant and wonderful lady staring down at me. “She must be my guardian angel God was talking about” is what I told myself and immediately fell asleep. 

A month later….

I laid helplessly on the bed. I barely could move and had no co-ordination of hand and eye or did not know exactly why my feet moved but did not get me even an inch closer to what I desired to get hold off. Once again the lady comes in view. I idiotically look up to her and look at the bright pink object that lay a few inches away from me on the bed. She immediately picks it up and brings it to me. Knowing my dilemma and also at the same time sensing what I needed. How did she know? It was affirmed that she was my guardian angel God spoke of.


Several years later…

The lady relentlessly worked with me. She fed me, dressed me, took care of me and brought me to health. Since that day in the hospital I knew nothing. I did not know how to talk or speak, or respond or walk or eat or drink. She taught me everything. Patiently each time I lost my balance she picked me up and did it all over again. She taught me to speak one word at a time. She taught me values, one moral a time. She taught me to eat, one morsel a time, She taught me to walk, one step at a time. She had to make ends, for her loved ones she had to leave me for sometime to go out and make money. I remember all those days when I waited eagerly on the balcony for her to return from work. I would shout with joy with just her glimpse, screaming her name as she drew closer to home. But my voice was drowned in the noise from the road.People around me told me she can’t hear and just when I was going to give up and be grim, she looked up and caught my eye. She heard what I never said, she heard my happiness and joy. She was indeed my guardian angel God spoke of.

Few more years later…

The lady never gave up on me. Her efforts and love made me whole. Even though we had both grown up in years, we were closer than ever. She could feel my pain even when I was covering it with a smile. She would take the blame even when she knew I was wrong but was truly sorry about that. She would hold my hand when words evaded me. She stayed awake all night worrying about me when I was away, she would give everything she owned only to see me happy and content. I look at her as she sits besides me, she is still that radiant and wonderful lady I met in the hospital that night. She was the guardian angel God spoke of.


Years have gone by since the day I first met her, but her love for me remains unchanged. She has grown old, but her care for me is forever young. She has nothing to give now, but she still gives me the world. She has lived all her life for me, but yet lives on to make me happy. Who is she? Why does she do so much for me? Why has she lived all her life to only make me happy, to see that I have a full life? After all these years I realised she is more than the guardian angel God spoke of…  She is a ‘MOTHER’….


A word that defined her. A word that describes her life. A word that moulded me into who I am. A word that held in her hand the life of many. A word that made this world a better place for me to live in. A word that gave up everything so that I can have everything I desire. A word that smiled even through her darkest moments so that I would never know pain. A word that every child finds comfort in distress..

Thank you God for ‘Mother’. You have indeed blessed me. I pray that you bless her with much happiness and goodness all the days of her life. I pray I can be all that she was to me. And someday be a ‘Mother’ just like her.



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